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Recirculate Sutherland Ltd is a Social Enterprise set up in the Highlands of Scotland that believes doing things locally helps create sustainable solutions to some of the problems we face today.

We have set up a pilot to investigate if small scale agricultural plastic recycling offers an effective and practical solution to reduce waste, minimize environmental impact, and promote a circular economy within the Highlands.

The Importance of Agricultural Plastic Recycling: Plastic materials play a vital role in modern agriculture, from protective coverings and mulch films to irrigation systems and packaging. However, improper disposal or burning of agricultural plastics can result in pollution, soil contamination, and harm to wildlife.

What is our pilot doing?

We have set up a small recycling workshop that contains a shredder, extruder, injection machine and sheet press.  Our initial work has shown we can take silage wrap and feedbags and produce flower pots from the raw material.

We are now setting up to make larger items using our extruder.

The Raw material

The Shredded material

the Finished product

The Finished product planted

Our belief is that recycling these plastics can significantly reduce the negative environmental impact and conserve valuable resources we believe the benefits of Small-Scale Agricultural Plastic Recycling are:

  1. Waste Reduction: Recycling agricultural plastics prevents them from ending up in landfills, reducing the overall waste volume and its associated environmental consequences.
  2. Resource Conservation: By recycling plastics, valuable resources like oil, water, and energy can be conserved, as manufacturing new plastics requires significant amounts of these resources.
  3. Environmental Protection: Recycling helps minimize air and water pollution, soil contamination, and greenhouse gas emissions, thereby protecting the environment and biodiversity.
  4. Economic Opportunities: Small-scale agricultural plastic recycling initiatives create new business opportunities, generate employment, and contribute to local economies.

Challenges: Implementing small-scale agricultural plastic recycling programs can pose challenges. Some common challenges include:

  1. Collection and Sorting: Collecting and sorting different types of agricultural plastics can be challenging due to their diverse nature. However, establishing efficient collection systems and implementing clear guidelines for sorting can help overcome this challenge.
  2. Cleaning and Contamination: Agricultural plastics often contain dirt, debris, or chemical residues. Proper cleaning and decontamination processes are essential to ensure high-quality recycled plastic materials.
  3. Infrastructure and Equipment: Limited access to recycling facilities and specialized equipment may hinder small-scale recycling efforts. Investment in appropriate machinery can help address this issue.

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